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3 Signs You Need to Call for Pest Control

3 Signs You Need to Call for Pest Control

Whether you are at home or at work, the signs and sounds of pests are rarely welcome. Not only do most people harbor some kind of fear or dislike towards our insect and rodent friends, but these pests can actually be dangerous to your health, as well. Whether because they spread disease or by cause damage to your property, the need for pest control is real and pressing. Here are just 3 of the signs you should look for in order to call us for pest control:

  1. Seeing pests. Yes, it sounds obvious, but your sight is a strong ally when it comes to pest control. If you see the pest(s) directly, you’ll be better able to describe the rodent or insect to the exterminators, leading to better results. Furthermore, you can sometimes determine where these pests are getting in and where they are going once inside– all pieces of information that pest control professionals need to complete their work.
  2. Hearing scratches, squeaks, or rustling within the walls. Say you’re lying in bed at night, trying to fall asleep. One of the most distressing sounds you might hear is that of something moving about inside your walls or attic space. Rodents are incredibly flexible and can fit just about anywhere, so hearing noises inside walls are a tell-tale sign of a need for pest control.
  3. Bites, droppings, or other signs. Most every pest has some kind of signature calling card. Termites leave tunnels inside wood. Ants will dig a mound and then march in a line looking for food to bring back. Mice leave droppings. Bed bugs will leave marks on a person’s skin where bitten. If you feel that anything is amiss or awry, don’t hesitate to call your trusted pest control provider. We can tell you if the signs you have been observing are normal or more sinister.

If you would like to learn more about the pest control services that we offer, call us at Sterling Pest Control today.

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