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Don’t just take our word. A major reason why Sterling Pest Control is considered one of the premier pest control companies in Central Florida is because of you, their valued customers. Read what customers are saying about Sterling Pest Control by clicking on the tabs below:

Oscar Agramonte, with Wah Lum FIT says:

“I have been using the services of Tim Beaman and Sterling Pest Control at my fitness-training studio, Wah Lum FIT. Their treatment was just what we needed. Tim is extremely cordial and professional. He comes once a month, never interrupts a client training session and I haven’t seen any live bugs since using Sterling Pest Control.

What I appreciated most about Tim and Sterling Pest Control is the excellent personality and customer service. Sterling Pest Control completely exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them to anyone needing pest control in Orlando.”

Hassan Boussi says:

“We moved into a house that we rented sight unseen due to some circumstance. To our surprise, we found roaches in the house as soon as we moved in. We called Tim Beaman from Sterling Pest Control immediately and he came out within 48 hours. He performed his first treatment and we agreed on a monthly service as well. It’s been about a month now and we have not seen any live roaches since then (we did see some dead ones).

Thank you Tim for your quick response and for protecting my family. I look forward to referring all my clients to you for all their pest control needs. I know now that I can do that with total confidence in your company and your efficiency.”

Jim Darnerl says:

“Sterling Pest Control, Inc. has been taking care of our home for four years and we could not be any happier. Our agent, Rick, and the rest of the staff have always been prompt and courteous at addressing the FEW minor concerns we have had over the years.

We would recommend them to anyone”

Stacey B. Lovell, with CPM Regional Property Manager says:

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Sterling Pest Control, Inc. I met with Tim Beaman, the owner of Sterling Pest Control, Inc., in 1998 when he stopped by Whisper Lake Apartments, a 400-unit apartment community, to introduce his company and a new termite elimination system called Sentricon.

After years of spending countless money on traditional termite treatments that were not effective, although skeptical, Tim had my attention. Thanks to Tim’s persistence and willingness to attend countless meetings to answer the same questions many times over, he convinced the owners to give the system a try. Within the first six (6) months the results were astounding. We literally went from ten (10) reports of termite swarm activity per day down to just a couple of calls per week. By the end of the first year, the termite colonies were eliminated completely. Since then, needless to say, Sterling Pest Control, Inc. has installed and monitors the Sentricon system for all of our properties in the area.

In closing, I want to commend Sterling Pest Control, Inc. for their high standards and professionalism. I look forward to working with Sterling Pest Control, Inc. for many more years and would recommend them to anyone in need of similar services”

Norman Falkin says:

“We have been very pleased with your pest control services over the past several years because you always show up but the bugs never do!

Keep up the good work”

Louis and JoAnn says:

“We have had a satisfying business relationship with Sterling Pest Control, Inc. since the company opened its doors. The service people have been prompt for their appointments and have returned quickly upon those few occasions when we have seen an ant or two.

The office personnel have been both courteous and quick to respond to any questions we have asked of them. We have been approached many times by other pest control companies to switch from Sterling Pest Control, Inc. and each time we have flat out refused to think of switching services.

As long as we are homeowners we will continue to utilize the great service of Sterling Pest Control, Inc.”

Dave and Marty Brown says:

“We have bee satisfied customers of Sterling Pest Control for over 15 years, for both interior and exterior maintenance. Tim Beaman and the whole Sterling team have always been responsive to special request, respectful of appointments, and patient with the cats.

The professionals at Sterling stay current with new pest control products and techniques, as well as with changing regulations. In addition, they are knowledgeable about strange Florida insects like carpenter ants, crickets and millipedes.

In all the years we have been customers of Sterling Pest Control, the house has been insect-free and the yard looks great. We would highly recommend Sterling for all pest control needs.”

Charlane Sexton says:

“Sterling Pest Control has taken care of our house since 1997. Whenever we have had any pest concerns Rick was there promptly. It is always nice to have a little chat with him and to know that we are being taken care of. Professional customer service in any field is a rare find in Central Florida.

We feel very fortunate to know that we are in good, caring and knowledgeable hands with Sterling Pest Control. Thank you.”

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