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Cockroach Control—Is Your Shoe Enough?

184695452-cockroach controlYou saw a cockroach inside of your home. The very mention of the creature can cause shivers to run up and down your spine. Just think of all the diseases they spread: strep, salmonella, cryptosporidium and more. Not to mention asthmatic reactions in children or others with breathing difficulties due to the discarded skin in the air. So how to dispose of this creature…take your shoe and smash it! But is this enough? Considering the fact that if you’ve seen one, there are many more unseen, a shoe is probably not going to be enough.

Cockroach Control—Is Your Shoe Enough?

There are many methods of cockroach control that you can try. Make your home an unwelcome place for the creatures by sealing off all holes and cracks where they may enter. Put your food into plastic bins that are impenetrable to the cockroach. Cockroaches need water, so check to be sure that you have no water leaks that would attract them. Keep your house clean and free of clutter.

Be advised that even these steps for cockroach control may not be enough. Even if you follow all of the aforementioned methods, you might still end up with cockroaches. Here at Sterling Pest Control, we can help you to have better cockroach control. We treat the cause of the problem instead of the side effects. We can help you to find entry points, provide year-round services and be diligent in helping you to have freedom from cockroaches. Now that’s cockroach control that’s better than a shoe.

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