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Termite Exterminator, Orlando, FL

If you see termite droppings or dark tunnels have formed in wood surfaces, this warrants an immediate call to our termite exterminators in Orlando, FL.

You can trust us to deal with your termite problem in Orlando, FL to your satisfaction.The biggest destructor of property in the United States is much smaller than you may think. It’s not tornadoes, earthquakes, or floods. Though the damage caused by these is huge, the biggest culprit is termites. Termites are tiny insects that thrive on wood. If you have a termite infestation, calling a termite exterminator as soon as possible is your best plan of attack. Little by little, termites thrive on the wooden surfaces in your home and begin to slowly lessen the structural integrity of your home or business. Without proper treatment from a termite exterminator, termite damage in your home can cost you thousands of dollars, if not destroy your home completely.

At Sterling Pest Control in Orlando, Florida, we offer complete termite detection and eradication services. If you suspect you have a termite problem, call us for a preliminary inspection. We will thoroughly check your home or business for signs of termite intrusion. One of the signs that you may have noticed around your home is small, dark-colored droppings around wooden structures in your home, such as your window sills or baseboards. You may also notice these small droppings on the outside of your home surrounding exposed wood framing. If you have noticed dark tunnels have formed in these wood surfaces, this is a very serious sign of an attack and warrants an immediate call to our termite exterminators here at Sterling Pest Control.

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