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Four Signs You May Have Bed Bugs

You wake up one morning and have strange bug bites, but you don’t remember getting them the day before. Where did they come from? Was there a bug in your bed? In reality, this could be a plausible option because bed bugs can hide in unexpected places. From your child’s camp bunk bed to your vacation hotel room, it can be difficult to identify whether bed bugs are a cause for concern. Here are some signs that you may have bed bugs and you need to contact a professional for assistance:

Four Signs You May Have Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs1.   Stains on Sheets & Mattresses – As you sleep at night, you may actually crush some of the bed bugs on your mattress, causing red, rusty stains to appear. These stains are a good indicator you may have bed bugs.

2.   Dark Spots – If it looks like you took a black marker and put little dots on your mattress or upholstery, this may be bed bug excrement where they have been traveling from one spot to another.

3.   Eggs and Shells – As bed bugs shed and grow larger, they will leave behind their eggs and shells that you will find remaining in corners and cracks.

4.   Live Bugs – Eventually, bed bugs grow large enough you can see them with the naked eye. If you see bed bugs, it is critical that you call a professional for help.

No one wants to consider the idea of bed bugs, but especially as you travel and stay in unfamiliar places, it is important to check for these little pests so you do not bring them from one place to another. Additionally, you may experience bed bug bites that are red and itchy and cause for discomfort. At Sterling Pest Control, we are prepared to assist you with a bed bug infestation and can provide solutions to make you feel comfortable again. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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