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How to Keep from Needing Animal Control

When you move into a new home or decide to fix up your old one, making sure that your home is rid of pests should be top of your list. Everyone has dealt with ants, spiders, mice, or other types of pests at one point at another. In certain areas of the country, we’ve seen raccoons and opossums take the top spot for worst types of pests. You shouldn’t settle for having to repeatedly drive pests away from your home or call us at Sterling Pest Control for animal control services. If you take preventative steps, you can keep pests from invading your home and restore your peace of mind.

How to Keep from Needing Animal Control
Animal ControlOne way you can prevent pests from entering your home is to make sure that you windows, roof, walls, and doors are insulated properly. These are the central entry points for animals like raccoons and rats. They will climb up a tree and find an opening in your roof, or even gnaw through a weak point in your walls. Making a habit of inspecting these vulnerable points can prevent the need for calling animal control to take these sorts of animals off your property.
Also, any type of food can attract pests. Scraps in the trash or stored food in a non-centralized location will look like the best meal a rodent or some insects have ever had. Before you find yourself in the position of calling us for animal control or pest control, we recommend securing your food in hermetic, tough containers. You should also look into locks for your garbage cans, or storing them in a secure area like a garage when they are not taken out.

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