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Keep Your Picnic Pest-Free with Bee and Wasp Control

Keep Your Picnic Pest-Free with Bee and Wasp Control

For most people, bees and wasps are simply an unpleasant and frightening aspect of nature. For others, however, the prospect of dining with the bees and wasps can lead to a life-threatening issue. When you’re looking to enjoy the warm spring and summer months, make sure you take the appropriate bee and wasp control steps to ensure a sting-free season:

  • Take preventative measures- As the old adage goes, “They’re more afraid of you than you are of them.” Bees and wasps really aren’t out to sting humans; they’re more curious than anything. In order to make yourself less interesting to bees and wasps, wear light colors with no floral patterns. Bees and wasps are very sensitive to smells, especially floral ones, so avoid floral hair products, perfumes or colognes.
  • Keep your food in mind Bees and wasps are attracted to all things sweet, especially sweet juices or soda pops. Serving these drinks in clear cups rather than cans will easily enable you to determine if one of these insects has found its way into your drink before you put your mouth to it.
  • Call in the professionals early For the best preventative bee and wasp control, make sure to call professionals in the early season. A professional can survey your yard to determine whether you have any spots that bees and wasps will find appealing.

If you would like to take bee and wasp control to the next level this summer, please contact our professional exterminators at Sterling Pest Control.

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