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Was That a Flying Ant? Warning Signs You Might Have Termites

It is the middle of the night. You remember that you left something downstairs and decide to go get it. When you turn on the light at the top of the stairs, you see a swarm of what look like flying ants—only they are larger than ants. You get your insect killer and spray them all. They look like flying ants…but upon closer inspection you see that their bodies have straight abdomens, wings of equal length and straight antennae . . . an online search uncovers the possibility that your home has termites.

Was That a Flying Ant? Warning Signs You Might Have Termites

signs of termitesTermites usually remain hidden and so are hard to detect until you notice severe damage to cellulose-containing components of your home, such as wood. By this time, the damage can result in extreme costs to fix your home.

What are the warning signs of termites? The most easily detectable sign of termites is a swarm—flying reproductive termites. They are visible in the spring when they leave the colony to mate and begin new colonies in other locations. If you see a swarm or discarded wings, contact us immediately. Since termites feast on wood, another sign of termites is damaged and hollow-sounding wood. Cracked paint may also indicate termites since they can enter an opening that is smaller than 1mm. You should also watch for mud tubes (which they use to travel through) on outside walls. The last sign of termites is frass—or in other words termite droppings.

At Sterling Pest Control, we know that signs of termites can be worrisome because of the significant damage they cause to your home. If you see signs that you might have termites, contact us, and we will be pleased to come check for termites and treat them if they exist.

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