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Rely on a Fire Ant Exterminator to Rid Your Electrical Equipment of an Infestation.

fire ant exterminatorFire ants can be really annoying. Their stings hurt, and when one stings you, more are likely to follow. They are hard to get rid of and prefer to continue living where they’ve built their mounds. Unfortunately they also have a love for electrical equipment as well as the electrical boxes that surround electrical systems. No one really knows why fire ants like the electrical systems, but one theory is that fire ants are drawn to the electrical current because it imitates electrical signals in the human body. When one fire ant is attracted to the electrical system, it sends out pheromones to the other ants. Thus when you check your electrical box because of a short, you may find a pile of ants making their home in your electrical box.

If you experience an electrical short and find that fire ants are to blame, instead of reaching for a can of ant killer, call us, and we’ll have a fire ant exterminator come and take care of it for you. Working around electrical equipment and fire ants can be tricky, but a fire ant exterminator has the knowledge, training and specialized equipment to safely handle the situation. Once the fire ants have been cleaned out of the electrical area, we can treat the area with products designed to keep fire ants away. We can also suggest maintenance solutions for your situation.

Sterling Pest Control is pleased to offer specialized fire ant services. Our fire ant exterminators are committed to protecting your safety and securing your home.

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