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Seeing the Signs of Termites in Time

Signs of TermitesDo you know how to determine whether or not your home or site(s) you manage have issues with a termite infestation? Do you know the signs of termites? And are you familiar enough with these signs to be able to detect an infestation early on? If the answer to these questions is no, we are hoping that we can help you out.

Characteristic Signs of Termites: 

  • Damp, dark, and warmer temperatures in the area
  • Termite shelter tubes of roughly 10 mm or more present in these areas on wires
  • Insects in this area are tiny with white bodies
  • Tunnels in surrounding earth or trees; trees may have scars or blowholes and sound hollow
  • Horizontal, muddy or earthen-looking tubes projecting from foundation beams indicate a colony is big enough to be expanding into multiple colonies and dividing territory
  • Tapping sounds, which may be audible or not
  • Insect droppings, like with any infestation, are a tell-tell sign to watch for
  • Insect pieces or skin
  • Hollow or sagging floors in your home or business

 If you have detected termites through any of the signs of termites described above, we can take care of this problem for you. We offer an intricate system that puts Termidor, the #1 treatment for killing termites, throughout the walls of your location and in evenly distributed tunnels throughout all of the surrounding area. Any termites exposed to the termiticide then expose other termites to the same, partially through natural termite behavior as decomposers.

If you are looking for further peace of mind, we are an Authorized Operator for the Sentricon® System and offer a peace of mind, $1,000,000 repair guarantee. We will do everything we can to be a powerful partner in your termite extermination efforts.

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