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Steps to Follow for Bed Bug Removal and Prevention

bed bug removal Once bed bugs have arrived, they are hard to get rid of. It usually takes around a month and multiple bed bug removal treatments to be completely bed bug free. On the bright side, there are some steps that you can follow to assist in bed bug removal and to prevent a re-infestation in your home. Once you have found bed bugs in your home, it is best to call a professional exterminator since bed bugs can survive up to 300 days without eating (depending on how hot it is—bed bugs don’t survive in high temperatures).

Steps to Follow for Bed Bug Removal and Prevention

Steps to Follow to Assist in Bed Bug Removal:

  1. Put a month’s worth of clothing in a plastic bag and use only that clothing until the bed bug removal process is complete.
  2. Clean and bag everything you own since bed bugs will hide anywhere they can fit.
  3. Clean all of your closets, drawers and shelves.
  4. Continue sleeping in your own room, so the infestation doesn’t spread.
  5. Heat anything made of fabric such as clothing, bedding, etc. in the dryer on a high setting for 30 minutes to kill any eggs or bed bugs that may be hiding there.
  6. Vacuum all picture frames, furniture and baseboards.
  7. Spray or rub dishes and other hard items with rubbing alcohol—which will kill bed bugs.

To prevent the return of bed bugs, it is a good idea to put a bed bug liner around your bed. It is also wise to continue to vacuum your baseboards weekly.   Be sure to wrap plastic around anything you are getting rid of due to infestation—that way the bed bugs won’t be able to spread.

Although these steps are time-consuming, they will help to prevent a recurrence of bed bugs in your home. Especially when they are used in conjunction with our specialized bed bug removal treatment. At Sterling Pest Control, we really don’t want to let the bed bugs bite.

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