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Termite Removal: Not a Weekend DIY Project—Call an Exterminator

There are many fun and quick DIY weekend project ideas. Sadly, removing termites from your home is not one of them. While you can find many DIY ideas for termite removal online (like foams, chemical barriers and baiting) these suggestions cannot offer the same quality as a professional termite exterminator can. Plus you have to crawl under the house and figure out termite access points, or they will reappear. Even when you follow all of the DIY steps for termite removal and seal off entry points, the termites will often begin to come back. Choosing to try a DIY fix first will usually end up costing you more money–you will pay for the DIY treatment as well as the exterminator.

Termite Removal: Not a Weekend DIY Project—Call an Exterminator

Hiring a professional termite exterminator to remove termites is a good idea for many reasons. Since termites tend to destroy your home quietly, once you suspect that you have a termite problem, the colony is probably very large and will be a big job to remove. As professional termite exterminators, we have the experience and the knowledge to see signs of termites that are easily overlooked. We also have the tools and equipment necessary for complete termite removal. We can make recommendations for the termite removal system that will be the most effective for your situation.

At Sterling Pest Control, we care about your health, home and family. We are certified in termite removal, and our Termidor treatments come with a 5-year guarantee. We stand ready to help you with your termite removal needs.

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