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The Most Challenging Jobs for an Exterminator

ExterminatorIt might seem that the job of an exterminator is a pretty easy thing. Just use a few chemicals and techniques, and the pests are killed, repelled, or relocated. On the contrary, there are plenty of challenging jobs involved in being an exterminator that only those in the business can truly relate to.

  • Identifying Pests – There are literally dozens of types of household pests with hundreds of different species involved. Each requires a knowledge not only in identification, but also in the techniques for getting rid of them. There is no one-size-fits-all product or technique that eliminates all of them, although there are preventative measures that can be taken that keep many at bay.
  • Multiple Trips – Because of the different life cycles of many pests, including roaches and fleas, it is nearly impossible to eradicate an infestation with just one visit or one type of treatment. What kills the adult pest may not kill the eggs or larvae. Without careful attention to each stage, you will find the pest returning again and again.
  • Exposure – Chemicals used to kill pests are not pleasant, and although an occasional treatment is no cause for concern for a household’s occupants, an exterminator is exposed day in and day out, making the risks of complications higher. It can also be mentally challenging to be around pests all the time, so being an exterminator can easily be considered a high-stress occupation.

At Sterling Pest Control, we don’t mind the challenges of being an exterminator. It is what we know and what we love. Trust us for ant control (including fire ants), bee removal, roach control, termite elimination, and more. Leave the challenges up to us, so you don’t have to face the sometimes-unpleasant tasks involved. We have served the Orlando, Florida area since 1991.

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