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The Process of Seeking and Removing Bed Bugs as Told By a Professional

The Process of Seeking and Removing Bed Bugs as Told By a Professional

There is something very personal and private about sleeping. If you share a bed with someone, it is usually with someone you know very well. Most people do not give up their beds easily; in fact, several are hesitant to part with their favorite pillows! This and many other reasons are why it can feel so alarming and personally invasive to discover that you might be sharing your bed with several tiny and most definitely unwanted guests! When you suspect you might have bed bugs, your exterminator will look for several things.

First, we will look for signs of bed bugs. It often takes a trained eye to find these signs because bed bugs are very, very small and good at hiding. While a visual inspection is somewhat effective, more and more exterminators are actually applying the use of canine companions to sniff out these tiny trespassers, which is highly effective.

Once a bed bug infestation has been verified, the degree of infestation will be assessed to decide on a plan of action. In most cases, a regimen of laundry, pest control aids, and frequent vacuuming can take care of a bed bug problem. Steam machines can also be a helpful tool in the hands of a trained exterminator.

After your bed bugs have been eradicated, take care to not allow them into your environment again. Bed bugs are skilled hitchhikers, which is what enables them to be so easily transmitted from place to place. If you travel frequently, try leaving your suitcase in a garage for a few days after you get home. Use mattress covers that specifically prohibit bed bugs, and be very careful when considering the purchase of used furniture or clothes, since all of these items can harbor eggs or mature bed bugs.

If you have a suspected bed bug infestation in your home or place of business, don’t wait! Call on our experienced professionals at Sterling Pest Control today.

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