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Tips for Determining if You Need an Exterminator

For thousands of years, people have been dealing with pests. A “pest” is any animal or insect that causes monetary or property damage. Rats, termites, and racoons are just a few of the common types of urban pests that continue to flourish when they live in an area with humans. Because pests are common and opportunistic, meaning that they take advantage of people’s warm dwellings and ample supplies of food to survive, it’s likely that you will have to deal with one kind of pest or another at your home sooner or later.

Tips for Determining if You Need an Exterminator

Here are a few ways you can check your home to see if you have any pests present and need to hire an exterminator.


  • Check Your Home- Pests are active at different times of the year. Both insect and mammal pests are more commonly found in human homes after the weather starts to get cold. Rats and roaches, for example, love to curl up somewhere dry and warm. When the outdoors get inhospitable, they come inside. Taking the time to check your house for nests and entry points can help you identify a pest problem quickly. Look at the outdoor walls and windows to make sure they are insulated and sealed properly. Remember to check attics, basements, and crawlspaces.
  • Determine the Extent of the Damage- When you’ve noticed signs of pests, it’s time to check the number and how extensive the problem is. Some pests you can put traps down for, while others should be taken on by an exterminator. An exterminator service can use heat-sensitive electronic equipment to identify how many mammal pests are in your house. If you think your situation is more serious than you can tackle, contact us at Sterling Pest Control to speak to an exterminator and create a plan of action.

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